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Engineer's Services

We provide structural details/design of the foundation (incl. soil testing ) and other structural parts of  buildings such as inspecting concrete and steel works to prepare reports for local councils. We also liaise with building inspectors and if needed provide necessary certificates, explanations and additional details etc.

Our main engineer`s services for new home owners consist of:

  1. Site inspection and site classification
  2. Foundation design (incl. soil tests)
  3. Design of Retaining walls, Pools, suspended slabs, driveways, pergolas etc.
  4. Wind classification, Bracing & Te down fixing diagram.

Building inspections

  • Whether there is an ongoing problem and you want engineer`s opinion and advice or you just want to make sure that everything is OK or you already had building inspection and require engineers advice we can arrange building inspection usually within 1 week and give you written report.
    For urgent matters we can give you werbal report over the phone usually the next day after conducting inspection.
    You can also chose between standard hard copy to be sent via mail or pdf file which will be emailed to you.


  • Standard - pre purchase building inspections